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Modern Real-Life Operations Management and Logistics

Du 4 au 15 juillet 2022 - Québec Have you ever asked yourself: How do great companies like Apple or Nestlé manage their operations and logistics? What is the key to their success? How do they manage their supply and demand? How do they create such efficient and effective supply networks? How can companies measure the impact of and cope with major challenges such as those generated by the COVID-19 pandemic? If you are curious to know the answers to all these questions, thrive on problemsolving, and are interested in looking at many more real-life examples, this summer school on operations and logistics is for you. Learn how to put knowledge into practice by gaining professional and hands-on experience with analytical tools, as well as the latest trends in operations and logistics management.
  • Corporate visits provide many amazing and invaluable insights.
  • Case studies of several well-known industries and companies are designed to put the concepts learned in class into perspective.
  • Lectures given by experienced professors with plenty of industry projects and examples from Québec and around the world highlight key concepts in modern operations and logistics management.
  • A group assignment on well-known cases ensures you put your new knowledge into practice during this two-week intensive cultural, practical, and educational adventure.

International Marketing: Discovering the Québec Effect!

Du 18 juin au 29 juillet 2022 - Québec Experience the vibrant business environment of Québec City by exploring the impact of a French-language market in North America! Get to know Québec culture so you can incorporate it as a core component of a distinctive and innovative marketing strategy. Discover how Québec-based companies shine on the international stage using their Québec uniqueness. Follow the example of companies from around the world that have successfully set up shop in Québec to prepare your own market penetration strategy as hired consultants. Course content is based on practical applications to prepare you to succeed in your internationalization projects:
  • practical and interactive activities;
  • international consulting simulation;
  • team assignments;
  • speakers from local and international companies;
  • corporate visits in dynamic Québec-based companies active internationally and in key industries of our economy.